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Reading Ancient Greek in the Digital Age

An on-line, open-access course in Attic Greek.

Professor of Ancient History and Classics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln or

My Teaching Philosophy: A Very New Approach to a Very Old Discipline
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Unit 1 The Simple Sentence

1.1 Alphabet and Basic Verbs (imperfect and aorist)
1.2 Articles and Basic Nouns (1st and 2nd declension)
Using Alpheios and Making Trees
1.3 Coordinating Conjunctions (mini-lesson)
1.4 Prepositions
1.5 Sentence Adverbs and Emphasizing Particles (mini-lesson)
1.6 Adjectives, Pronouns, and Numbers
1.7 Adverbs
1.8 Third Declension Nouns
1.9 Third Declension Adjectives and Pronouns
Unit 1 Passages from Xenophon, Hellenika 1 (excerpted)

Unit 2 The Complex Sentence

2.1 Verb Tenses and Voices
2.2 Subordinate Clauses with the Indicative
2.3 Infinitives
2.4 Relative Clauses
2.5 Subordinate Clauses with the Subjunctive and Optative
2.6 Participles
2.7 Direct Speech
Passages from Various Authors

Digital Tools

Perseids Project
Perseus Project
Smyth's Greek Grammar

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Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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