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Instructions for Using Alpheios and for Making Dependency Syntax Trees

Download Alpheios

Watch the brief Alpheios tutorials (2-3 minutes each)
Download the Alpheios extension on your browser or mobile device.

You do not need to download it in order to read the sentences for this class: Alpheios is embedded in them. But you will want it to parse the Greek on any other websites.

Greek Dependency Treebanking, using Arethusa on the Perseids site

Create an Account on the Perseids Website

Video: Introduction to Making Greek Dependency Trees (26_45)
Handout for video: Introduction to Making Greek Dependency Trees (26_45)

Video: Basic Greek Dependency Trees (24_13)

Instructions to import local form and frequency data into Arethusa (Perseids)
--Frequency Data for Import, Dec 2020 (Gorman)
--Form Data for Import, Dec 2020 (Gorman)

Instructions for Comparing Trees to Gold Standard Sentences

Basic Written Instructions for Greek Treebanking (Bamman and Crane 2008)
Gorman's Treebanking Tips for Dependency Syntax: How to Handle Odd Constructions

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