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Reading Ancient Greek in the Digital Age

Resource Page

My Teaching Philosophy: A Very New Approach to a Very Old Discipline
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Useful References and Handouts

--Master Vocabulary (alphabetical) of the most commonly used words in the Hellenika
--Master Vocabulary (ranked by frequency) of the most commonly used words in the Hellenika
--Glossary of Grammatical Terms (alphabetical)
--Glossary of Grammatical Terms (listed by chapter)
--Greek Verb Morphology Chart (λύω)
--Greek Verb Morphology Chart Deponent (ἔρχομαι)
--Smyth's Greek Grammar (on-line)
--Paradigm downloads from by Mastronarde
--Principal Parts (alphabetical) from by Mastronarde
--Principal Parts (by type) from by Mastronarde

Recommended Greek Grammar books:
--Smyth's Greek Grammar (on-line). Also available in hard cover and paperback ISBN: 978-1614275237
--Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greece, by van Emde Boas et al., 2019 (hardcopy only), ISBN: 978-0521198608.


Download the ALPHEIOS extension

--Alpheios Tutorials
--Technical Help with Alpheios

Create an account on PERSEIDS in order to make trees using Arethusa
--Technical Help with Arethusa/Perseids: Reports Issues and Bugs
--Video pt. 1: Introduction to Making Greek Dependency Trees Using Arethusa (on Perseids) (26:45)
--Video pt 2: Making Basic Greek Dependency Trees Using Verbs and Nouns (24:12)
--Compare Your Trees to the Gold Standard (if one has been set up for you)
--Import local form and frequency data into Arethusa (Perseids)

--Frequency Data for Import, Dec 2020 (Gorman)
--Form Data for Import, Dec 2020 (Gorman)

Basic Written Instructions for Greek Treebanking (Bamman and Crane 2008)
Gorman's Treebanking Tips for Dependency Syntax: How to Handle Odd Constructions

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Chapter Handouts

1.1 Basic Verbs
1.2 First and Second Declension Nouns Vocabulary
1.2 First and Second Declension Noun Paradigms and Case Uses
1.3 Coordinating Conjunctions
1.4 Common Prepositions
1.5 Sentence Adverbs
1.6 Adjectives, Pronouns, and Numbers
1.7 Adverbs
1.8 Third Declension Nouns
1.9 Third Declension Adjectives and Pronouns
Unit 2 Vocabulary of New Verbs
2.1 Greek Tenses and Voices
1.2 and 2.5 Subordinate Clauses
2.3 Infinitives
2.4 Relative Clauses
2.7 Direct Speech

Useful Web Links

Perseus Digital Library of Greek and Latin Materials
Perseus Under PhiloLogic [An invaluable source for search tools, lexica, frequency data, etc.] by Mastronarde [Tables and References]
White's First Greek Book (1896) on the Internet Archive
A Digital Tutorial for Ancient Greek based on White

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